25th HGZD Tribune, 18.6.2018 – Mate Božić »The Oldest Croatian Land Arms«

25th HGZD Tribune – Mate Božić »The Oldest Croatian Land Arms«

The Croatian Heraldic and Vexillological Association held its 25th Tribune on Monday 18 June 2018 in the Bogdan ogrizović Library in Zagreb, when Mate Božić gave lecture titled »The Oldest Croatian Land Arms«.

The lecture was based on the paper written by Mate Božić and Stjepan Ćosić “Nastanak hrvatskih grbova: Podrijetlo, povijest i simbolika od 13. do 16. stoljeća” (Emergence of Croatian Coats of Arms: Origins, History and Symbolic from the 13th to the 16th Century), published in 2017 in the journal “Gordogan”. The study offered to the scientific public some new answers based on historiographical perspective regarding the symbolic and historical background on the emergence of the Croatian chequy arms, on the “primacy” of gules/argent first cheque, on meaning of “leopard” (i.e. lion) heads in the arms of Dalmatia, “sudden” appearance of marten on the arms of the Kingdom of Slavonia at the end of the 15th  century and on medieval Croatian-Dalmatian heraldic roots of the arms with an embowed hand holding a sword (or scimitar), today generally known as the “Bosnian arms”

Mate Božić is a Master of Philosophy and History Education, an active HGZD member from Solin, the coordinator of the archeological tourism project Regnum Croatorum, initiator and ifrst president (2012-2014) of the Assciation of History Students “Toma Arhiđakon” – ISHA Split, a chapter of the International History Students Association (ISHA).