24th HGZD Tribune, 6.2.2018 – Mislav Barić »Theresian Flags in the Croatian History Museum«

24. tribina, Mislav Barić

24th Tribune, Mislav Barić

The twentyfourth HGZD Tribune was held in the Bgdan Ogrizović Library, Zagreb, 5 Preradovićeva st., on 6 February 2018. Mislav Barić, custodian of the Flag and Streamers Collection of the Croatian History Museum (HPM) gave us a lecture entitled “Theresian Flags in the Croatian Mistory Museum” presenting an interesting and valuable part of the largest museum colleciton of flags in Croatia.

The flags from the period Maria Therese rule were produced in accordance with regulations, yielding extraordinary and representative examples of Barque flags. The hand painted depictions were introduced in pace of embroidery, partially due to finances, but also to save time to amend the design when required. The Theresian military reforms as well as the state structure are identifiable in iconographic depictions that may be seen in the Flags and Streamers Collection kept by the Croatian History Museum. An extraordinary example is provided with three battalion flags, depicting on one hand the dynastic symbols illustrating state-juridical status, and on the other iconographic depiction of saints and beatified kinbgs on ceremonial flags, indicating their religious significance and denominational commitment. The Baroque, Enlightenment, turbulent times and the conflicts in Maria Theresa’s time have just affected such changes and regimes.

Mislav Barić (born 1990) is a Master of History and Bacalaureat of Latin Language. He begun his studies at the Croatian Studies and graduated at the Faculty of Humanities and social Studies in zagreb. During his studies he focused to research of global and military history with particular interest for armed revolutions and warfare in the Early Modern Age. Accordingly, he studied at the University of Vienna and did his professional practice at the Center for Military History and Social Sciences of the Bundeswehr in Potsdam, Germany. Since 2016 he works as the curator of teh Flags and Streamers Collection in the Croatian History Museum in Zagreb and participate as a member in the Croatian heraldic and Vexillological Association.