14th HGZD Tribune, 26.2.2012 – Željko Heimer

Out fourteenth Tribune was held in cooperation with the Zagreb Classical Gymnasium Society (DZKG) on Monday 26 February 2012 at 7pm in the DZKG premises, Preradovićeva 44, 1. kat.

Mr. Željko Heimer, the HGZD president, held the lecture titled »Identity in the flags of the political parties in the Republic of Croatia«

In 1989, after half a century of single-party system, new political parties are being established in Croatia, and the first multi-party elections are held in 1990. Soon dozens of parties emerge, most of which immediately are begining to use party emblems and symbols, and not infrequently also flags.

In the last twenty years, some of the parties were dismissed, other were formed, some united others fractioned – while the average number of registered parties steadily held around a hundred. At any one time there might have been some two dozens of parties with real political influence in the country political life.

With various ideologies and interests, the parties adopt different flags and choose symbols in them, sometimes based on the national flag or the coat of arms, or on some other national symbols. Others choose elements of regional or local identity, European or global symbols as well as some other individual signs. The presentation provides a systematic overview of the flags of various political parties that were or are active in Croatia in the last two decades with the emphasis on the identity symbols they use(d).

The lecture is based on the paper the author presented on the 24th International Congress of Vexillology in Washington, DC, 2011.