12th HGZD Tribune, 8.11.2011 – Željko Heimer

Our twelfth Tribune was held on Tuesday, 8th November 2011 at 18:30 in the premises of the Zagreb Classical Gymnasium Society (DZKG), 44 Preradovićeva street. Željko Heimer, the HGZD president, held a lecture that was presented on the 24th International Congress of Vexillology this summer in Washington, titled »The National Identity in the flags of Political Parties in Croatia«.

The paper comparatively analyses the symbols of identity used by political parties in Croatia, their relation with the national symbols and their readability in the European political visual language. Parties of different ideologies and interests choose flags and symbols in them based on the tricolour, the chequy arms and the wattle ornament, then the elements of regional and local identity, the European and global political symbols as well as other symbols, The flags are analyzed in regard to the categorization of political parties. It encompasses colours, symbols, inscriptions and other vexillologic elements in over 50 flags recorded on the Croatian political scene in the last 20 years.