11th Regular Electoral Annual General Assembly of HGZD


The HGZD President called for electronic session of the 11th Regular Electoral Annual General Assembly on 9 June 2018m by delivering invitations and materials to the Association members (those who duly paid membership fee for the actual year or at least one of the previous two years), and the Assembly was is in electronic session until 24:00 on 16 June 2018, thus being the effective date of the Assembly. Of 33 members achieving voting right with the Assembly effective date, 20 members (56%) participated activly in the session, unanimously voting the decisions with simple majority.

Thus the Assembly adopted the Annual Report for 2017, the Financial Report for 2017, the Operational Plan for 2019, the Strategic Plan 2019-2024, and unanimously elected the Board and Cour of Honour members, the same as in the previous mandate.

The adopted documents, see in the Documents tab.